Infants & Toddlers  (6 weeks-18 months)

Our infants are cared for in a warm, nurturing, loving way. The health, safety and security of the infants are areas of prime concern. Bonding is very important, so our teachers are encouraged to form relationships with each child. Physical, social, emotional, intellectual and developmentally appropriate activities are provided to encourage the child's development.

Our toddlers learn by moving, playing and experimenting. They will be exposed to bright manipulative materials, which will help develop motor skills. Carefully selected learning activities will expose the children in our care to basic concepts as well as open a new world of experiences, sight and sound. TCD toddlers will be introduced to Bible verses, nursery rhymes, songs, creative expressions, colors, seasons, and teaching diversity. Language development is constantly encouraging through conversations, songs, finger-plays and books.


Our terrific twos have boundless energy, are growing in independence and are very curious. We have a child-centered environment where children can explore, develop independence and achieve success. Learning expands through units on the Bible, opposites, shapes, numbers, routines, early literacy, poems, singing, independent thinking, to name a few. Fine motor development is facilitated through art projects, puzzles, building development, and sensory discrimination. Playing with balls, climbing on the climber and lots of outdoor play encourage large motor development. Self-expression, safety awareness, following directions, socialization, and creative expression is also included in our program. TCD teachers support the child’s growth by providing an interactive setting which encourages development such as sharing, and getting along and working with others.

Preschool (3-5 years old)

Our preschool program allows the children to explore, experiment and learn through a hands-on approach. We focus on skills and concepts such as recognition and use of letters and numbers, opposites, colors and shapes, we use the Creative Curriculum and ABEKA Christian Curriculum with a weekly focus. Physical, social, creative, and intellectual stimulation are a part of everyday learning activities. Our goal is to help all of children to become independent, inquisitive learners. Climbing, running, and outdoor play helps with large motor development. Our teachers provide creative and meaningful activities that challenge the children to develop new learning skills, and to become confident curious learners. In the final year before your child heads off to kindergarten, the children are exposed to print and early literacy, positional concepts, sequencing and problem solving among many other skills and concepts. We also offer a wide variety of experience and activities designed to give the children opportunities for self-discovery, exploration and freedom to create while learning in a safe, nurturing environment.

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