Listed below is the tuition effective January 2020 to  January  2021

Registration fee  is $150.00 per family
Annual curriculum fee is $150.00

A two-week deposit is required before your enrollment. Your deposit will be applied to your last two weeks with a written notice.  Please call for our part-time or drop in  tuition rates. 

Tuition                                               Weekly Rate                                 

Infant& Toddler                                  $505.00                                                 
Two-Year Old                                    $407.00                                                 
Preschool                                          $365.00                                               

Included in your tuition-
AM Breakfast & PM Snacks
French Class (18 mos. and up)
Spanish Class ( 18 mos and up)
Zumba ( 18 mos and up)
Piano Lessons ( 4 and up)
Baby Sign Language
 Special Activities - Spring & Fall ( optional)
Soccer class for 8 weeks
Science class for 8 weeks

Field Trips - Summer & Fall  (optional)
Baltimore Aquarium
Baltimore Zoo
Port Discovery
Gaver Farm
Splash Park in Germantown